Childhood Redefined Summit


Can you see yourSelf living more joyfully, feeling more inspired and connected to your children?

This is the journey we will be taking together, from where we are, to where we want to be.

Intensive Online Experience

Whether you are new to unschooling or more experienced, if you aspire to learn more about this wonderful path or are looking for a boost of inspiration, then this summit is for YOU.

We’ve brought the Childhood Redefined Unschooling Summit online so you don’t have to travel to us! Redesigned to take advantage of what the online world has to offer, this course will help you dive deep into the world of unschooling and explore ways to make it shine in YOUR family.

Meet Anne Ohman

Hi! I’m Anne from Shine with Unschooling.

Redefining Childhood begins with truly SEE-ing our children and Celebrating them for Being Who They Are … and our ability to do that comes from truly SEE-ing and Celebrating ourSelves. I will help you focus on what you need for this journey within, and we’ll also discuss excess baggage that you’ll want to leave behind.

Meet Pam Laricchia

Hi! I’m Pam from Living Joyfully.

Children don’t need to be taught how to learn—they are born curious, creative, and learning. They are wired to engage with their world, and—when supported—develop a wonderful sense of self-awareness and a deep trust in themselves to figure things out. I will walk you through an ordinary unschooling day, exploring how all these elements weave together. Living and learning.

Meet Anna Brown

Hi! I’m Anna from Choosing Connection.

I will explore how we can proceed when opportunities arise to dig deep and how to get out of our own way. The faster we peel back the layers and deal with our own issues, the faster and more authentically we can be there for our children.

The Summit is coming to you!

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Journey with us

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